Plan for the care that you deserve.

Retirees are living longer than ever. Since one out of every two Americans turning 65 today will need a long-term care solution, how you’ll pay for it is an important part of your retirement plan. It’s also a critical step for your family because long-term care can impact generations to come—emotionally and financially.

In fact, advisors estimate that people who need long-term care without a plan in place draw down their retirement savings two to three times faster than planned. * Meanwhile, health plans like Medicare and Medicaid don’t cover all long-term care expenses.

At Harris & Company Wealth Management, we sit down with you to discuss a flexible long-term care fund that meets your unique needs. And when you plan ahead, you may help provide financial security, preserve your family’s quality of life, and maintain a sense of independence, all while achieving better financial outcomes.

*4Lincoln Financial Group and Hanover Research, “Managing Long-term Care Risk,” Hanover Research and Lincoln Financial Group, October 2014; http://newsroom.lfg.com/wealth-protection-expertise.

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