Achieving Security, Managing Wealth

Through Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation, Harris & Company Wealth Management can offer:

Financial Planning

Prepare for the future and be ready life’s surprises along the way. Learn more about how we can help you reach your financial goals.

Investment Management

We offer a variety of managed portfolios that help you tailored to your financial goals.

Tax Preparation

We take the hassle out of tax preparation, thoroughly addressing every detail and potential deduction for your business and personal returns.

Estate Planning

We work in conjunction with several prominent New Haven law firms to create a smart plan for the future of your assets, so you can maximize what you leave your loved ones.

Education Planning

Education is an investment in the future. How you pay for it is another story. We offer expert advice and a range of educational investment options.

Retirement Planning

We work with business owners, municipal leaders, and corporations to create comprehensive, employer-sponsored retirement programs with a variety of options for varying needs.

Long-Term Care Funding

Being-prepared for long-term care should be a part of every retirement plan, especially since it can impact your loved ones. Learn how we can make this planning easier with our flexible options.

Life Insurance

Wealth management goes beyond saving. If you’re thinking about creating and protecting wealth for your loved ones, life insurance can help.

Municipal Deferred Compensation

We offer tax-deferred supplemental retirement programs for employees of four major municipalities. Learn more about these convenient compensation plans today.

Talk to us today about your finances and your future.