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Financial planning options can be overwhelming. At Harris & Company Wealth Management, making sure our clients understand their options is our first priority. Together, we can create a clear plan that is designed to help maximize your results.

First, we sit with you to assess your income needs, risk tolerance, and retirement goals. Then, we guide you through your product options, suggest the most efficient strategies, and create a unique plan that is designed to help build and protect your wealth. This includes:

  • Understanding your needs and making decisions about saving.
  • Assessing your risk tolerance, determining appropriate investment options, and allocating your assets.
  • Understanding how your investments can affect your taxes.
  • Calculating your retirement income.
  • Reviewing progress and making recommendations.
  • Deciding when and how to retire.

We also help you identify and close the gaps in your savings and investing strategies, and paint a clear picture of how today’s decisions will affect your future.

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