Frequently Asked Questions

The Harris team is here to be your financial ally. From budgeting to taxes to retirement planning—and everything in between—our goal is to help you make confident decisions about your financial future.

  • Who needs financial planning?
  • What can I expect from Harris & Company Wealth Management?
  • What happens after I choose my investments?
  • What should I ask my financial representative?
Who needs financial planning?

To put it quite simply, everyone can use assistance when it comes to financial planning. Whether you have very modest assets or larger and more complex personal & professional holdings, advice from dedicated professionals is vital.

What can I expect from Harris & Company Wealth Management?

We know that truly effective financial advisors begin by assessing their clients’ individual needs, not just by simply recommending investments. Our team of experts begin by helping you understand your current financial situation, identifying your needs, determining your risk tolerance, and establishing an investment time horizon. From there, we can help you develop a long-term investment strategy that best suits your goals.

You can expect your personal financial representative to research a variety of investment choices in pursuit of the right fit. They’ll explain the risks and rewards of each investment, how they work, and help you build an asset allocation strategy.

What happens after I choose my investments?

Your financial representative will keep an ongoing relationship with you to make sure your investments are doing the best they can for you. This includes reviewing your personal and financial situation on a regular basis, monitoring your portfolio and making necessary adjustments, and guiding you through the ups and downs of investing.

What should I ask my financial representative?

Your representative is there to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask any of the following common questions, or others that might arise:

  • What do I do with my money?
  • Where do I put my assets so that I won’t run out of money?
  • Will my lifestyle change when I retire?
  • How do I know what options are right for my family?
  • What about my grandchildren? Can I allocate money for them to receive in the future?


Planning Your Success, Earning Your Trust

Our team of experienced financial representatives and administrative staff are always eager to help guide you through the process of investing, keeping up-to-date with your current holdings, and staying confident about the choices we make together. We are proud to aid in the journey to reaching your financial objectives and securing a financially sound future for yourself and the ones you love.